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Mr. People is a consortium of creative professionals specializing in video, film and audio production. With ten years of award-winning experience creating compelling video for TV commercials, TV programming, social media marketing, educational, live concert and event video, music videos, infomercials, direct response advertising, industrial video, automotive, product shooting and documentaries. More concisely, if its video, film or audio, we do it.

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Need a script written for video production or need help editing your script to a format that will work for your video? As experienced producers and writers for video production, we are your video Sherpas. We also have been known to write and produce your radio or Pandora ads as well.


With thousands of hours of experience on set, in the studio and on location as directors and directors of photography we capture the video and audio that give your production it’s visual impact.


Ok let’s talk post production. After all the filming is done it ‘s time to edit your video. This is where we pull your story together, add color enhancements, video effects and sweeten that audio!


Need motion graphics or an animated character added to your video? We love to get artsy with the graphics but have the experience to keep it on brand with your set standards.

Some of our projects

More About Us
Kat Perkins Video

Kat Perkins

Video for Kat Perkins
Goo Goo Dolls Live

Goo Goo Dolls

'Home' performed live
Earth Explore Video

LTML Media Lab

Earth Explorers educational video
Changing Earth Video

LTML Media Lab

Changing Earth
News Anchors


Infomercial Production
JFK REELZ Channel Promo

JFK 'Just for the Record'

REELZ Channel

What people say about us

Read some of the testimonials from our amazing clients

"Todd at Mr. People is a visual genius! His ability to take my vision, grab the shots we need, and master a stunning product is unmatched. Because of Todd, I am able to show the world my product and capitalize on what I can offer!”

Kat PerkinsRecording Artist and NBC’s the Voice Finalist

"We worked with Todd Obernolte at KSTP-TV on some commercials and when he started Mr. People, we were happy to follow him and use him as our Producer/Director. Todd is creative, knows his trade and worked well with our hired actors, employee actors and myself. Together we created many commercials that appeared to have a lot bigger budget. I highly recommend Todd and Mr. People."

Todd LeyseOwner of Adams Pest Control

"Working with Mr. People takes the stress out of commercial production. Todd and the crew are real pros who go above and beyond to create fantastic work. We benefited greatly from the team's creativity, attention to detail and vast expertise. I would recommend Mr. People to any business looking to bring their message to life on the air."

Scott BuschSt. Paul Saints
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Address: 2303 Wycliff Street, St. Paul, MN

Phone: (612) 730-3726

Email: mrpeople.todd@gmail.com